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Michal Leci
Administrative Assistant
Tel: +972-2-6586989
Email: michal.leci@mail.huji.ac.il
David Beniaguev
Ph.D student
Studying the effect of dendritic nonlinearities and morphology on synaptic plasticity and learning.
Email: david.beniaguev@gmail.com
Eyal Gal
Ph.D student
Wiring specificities of synaptic connectivity within neocortical microcircuits.
Tel: +972-2-658-6705
Email: eyal.gal@mail.huji.ac.il
Web: http://lobster.ls.huji.ac.il/~eyal.gal/
Guy Eyal
Ph.D student
Modeling human neurons.
Tel: +972-54-7614355
Email: guy.eyal@mail.huji.ac.il
Michael Doron
Ph.D student
Neuronal Computation of Motion Perception in Drosophila.
Tel: +972-58-5539789
Email: michael.doron@gmail.com
Hadas Manor
Ph.D student
Oren Amsalem
Ph.D student
Effect of gap junctions on network dynamics.
Tel: +972-54-5526161
Email: oren.a4@gmail.com
Siwei Wang
Hierarchical representation and information transmission in fly visual system.
Tel: +972-2-6585984
Email: siwei.wang@mail.huji.ac.il
Toviah Moldwin
Ph.D student
Implementation of learning algorithms in realistic model neurons.
Tel: +972-58-776-2564
Email: toviah.moldwin@mail.huji.ac.il
Yoav Tal
Ph.D student
Orientation selectivity in mouse visual cortex.
Tel: +972-52-8922901
Email: talyoav1@gmail.com
Yair Deitcher
Ph.D student
Quantitative Analysis of Human Pyramidal Neurons: From Mouse to Human.
Tel: +972-54-7899877
Email: yair.deitcher@mail.huji.ac.il


Ph.D. students and thesis subjects

2002 - Irit Nowik, iritn@alice.nc.huji.ac.il
"The game neurons play" (co-supervised with S. Zamir)
2001 - Ron Jortner, ronijort@alice.nc.huji.ac.il (co-supervised with G. Laurent)
"The role of the mushroom body and lateral protocerebrum in insect learning, memory and perception"
2003 - Anat Yaron-Jakoubovitch, anatyar@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il (co-director Prof. Y. Yarom)
"Stochastic Fluctuations in Voltage of Pyramidal Neurons"
2006 - Leora Manheim, leora@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il (co-supervised Prof. bert Sakmmann)
"Understanding information processing in the barrel cortex via merging in vitro and in vivo data in a detailed modeling study"
2002 - Yoav Banitt, ybanitt@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il
"Realistic models of cortical spiny stellate cells"
2003 - Lital Bar Ilan, lital@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il (co-director Prof. Y. Yarom)
"The Involvement of Dendritic Calcium Spikes in Synaptic Plasticity of Cortical Pyramidal Neurons"
2002 - 2006Ithai Rabinowitch, ithai@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il
"The Coupling of the State of a Neuron to its Environment Via Homeostatic Synaptic Plasticity at Large Time Scales"
1999 - 2002 Galit Fuhrman, galit.fuhrmann@weizmann.ac.il (co-supervised with M. Tsodyks).
"The information content of depressing synapses"
1994 - 2001 Puah Mann-Metzer, puah@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il (co-supervised with Y. Yarom).
"Characterization of the inhibitory system in the cerebellar cortex"
1994 - 2001 Elad Schniedman, elads@princeton.edu (co-supervised with N. Tishbi).
"The effect of neuronal noise on information capacity of neurons"
1993 - 2001 Michael London, mikilon@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il
"Defining synaptic efficacy using theoretic information tools"
1993 - 1999 Yoram Gutfreund, yoram@leland.stanford.edu (co-supervised with Y. Yarom and B. Hochner).
"Motor control of the octopus arm"
1993 - 1999 Dana Cohen (co-supervised with Y. Yarom).
"Exploring cerebellar circuitry using optical imaging"
1992 - 1998 Moshe Rav-Acha (co-supervised with H. Bergman and Y. Yarom).
"Characterization of neurons in the globus palidus in vitro"
1992 - 1996 Hagai Agmon-Snir
"A new method for analyzing dendritic transients"
1992 - 1998 Itzchak Aharon (co-supervised with Y. Yarom).
"Systematic characterization of dendritic morphology"
1992 - 1996 Yair Manor (co-supervised with Y. Yarom).
"On the subthreshold membrane voltage oscillations in olivary neurons"
1994 - 1998 Moshe Rapp (co-supervised with Y. Yarom).
"Experimental and theoretical study of cerebellar Purkinje cells"
1990 - 1995 Ron Nitzan (co-supervised with Y. Yarom).
"Physiology and cable models of vagal motoneurons"

M.Sc. students

2006 - Shaul Druckmann, drucks@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il
"Dynamics of neural networks - interaction of network architecture and single neuron behavior"
2006 - Albert Gideon, agidon20@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il
"Spike-timing-dependent plasticity in dendritic neurons"
2006 - Etay Hay, etay.hay@mail.huji.ac.il
"Signal processing in cortical microcircuits"
2000 - 2002Yoav Banitt, ybanitt@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il
"Realistic models of cortical spiny stellate cells"
1999 - 2002Nitzan Kol, nkol@lobster.ls.huji.ac.il
"Synchrony in electrically-coupled neural nets"
1997 - 2000 Gal Eliraz
"Reduced models of neurons"
1997 - 2000 Oz Kahana, ozkahana@hotmail.com
"Motion computation with dendrites"
1990 - 1992 Yoram Gutfreund (co-supervised with Y. Yarom).
"Subthreshold oscillations in cortical pyramidal neurons"
1988 - 1990 Michael Nevo
"Analytical model for the effect of dendritic spines on the integrative properties of neurons"